Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Wandsworth, SW18

Daniel Weir. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist based in Wandsworth, SW London

I am a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist working from Wandsworth, South-West London. I work with a diverse range of people. Over many years, I have gained a deep understanding of the varied emotional and psychological difficulties people struggle with. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy seeks to offer the time and space that is necessary for exploring such issues at depth.

Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy can be helpful for a broad range of recognised mental health conditions. This includes anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and eating disorders. However, people often struggle to really know, or identify what it is they are going through, or to find words to explain their feelings. People can arrive in therapy feeling stuck in life, hopeless, sad, or trapped in unhelpful relationships.

Difficulties like this can cause significant problems in relationships, with partners, family members, friends and colleagues. Such difficulties can lead to a sense of loneliness, isolation, and low self-esteem. It can be difficult trying to manage these things alone.

Talking to a therapist who listens carefully, and in the right environment, can bring a greater sense of understanding. Recognising the causes, patterns of thinking, and behaviours that lead to unhappiness can bring about greater awareness and an opportunity for meaningful change. 

You can read about my training and qualifications here, and contact me here. To read more about psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, please visit the British Psychoanalytic Council website. If you would like to talk briefly, to explore whether therapy is for you, please contact me